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Department of Forensic Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital was established in 2005. It serves as the Regional Forensic Medicine for the state of Sabah in coalition with National Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Hospital Besar, Kuala Lumpur.


  • Assisting police to determine cause of death and how it occurred.
  • To assist in the identification of the deceased or corpse.
  • To manage the mortuary in an efficient, environmentally safe and cost effective.
  • Handling unclaimed body/remains with regards to the cultural and religion beliefs.
  • Provide counseling services for Forensic Pathology cases, Clinical Forensic and samples collection for court cases.
  • Inspection of referred Clinical Forensic cases and providing medical reports for court matters
  • Control the collection, storage and shipping of samples to chemistry laboratory department.

    Perform an autopsy as part of the investigation in the following cases:

  • Suicide
  • Death cause by animals, machinery and accidents
  • Death in suspicious circumstances
  • Homicide case
  • Sudden death
  • Deaths in police custody, prison, detention centre and mental institutions
  • Performing clinical post-mortem on the request of the family members. This requires consent.
  • Obtaining evidence in medico legal cases.
  • Furnishing a detail post-mortem report to Investigation Officer (IO).


Department of Forensic Medicine HQE provides independent forensic and medico legal services in a professional manner.


Working together as a team to provide a high quality of service, which is efficient, effective, caring and environmentally friendly.


Q: What is the procedure to claim the body (corpse)?

A: To claim the body (corpse), beneficiary/family is required to submit Burial Permit, sign the 'Buku Rekod Pendaftaran Keluar/Masuk Jenazah', 'Buku Rekod Penerimaan Borang B' and Notification Form (for post-mortem case) at the Department of Forensic Medicine HQE counter.

Q: What is Burial Permit?

A: Burial Permit also known as Certificate of Burial Approval. It was issued by the hospital to beneficiary/family to bury the remains/corpse.

Q: What is Form B?

A: Form B is the application form for Certificate of Death. It is given by the hospital to beneficiary/family to obtain a Certificate of Death in National Registration Department.

Q: Where and how to get the Certificate of Death?

A: Beneficiary/Family must submit the Form B obtained from the hospital to the National Registration Department (NRD) within 24 hours. Certificate of Death issued by the NRD. Please refer to the NRD website ( for more information.

Q: Is embalming service provided?

A: The hospital did not provide service of embalming or preserving the remains. Beneficiary/Family should communicate with the private funeral service (undertaker). For air travel, embalming is a prerequisite.

Q: How much does this funeral management cost?

A: The hospital does not charge any fees for the funeral management. All post-mortem services, storage and cleansing the body/body wash in the Department of Forensic Medicine HQE is free. However, the hospital does not provide transportation to bring home the dead. Beneficiary/family should communicate with the private funeral or undertaker for the service.

Q: How to get the post-mortem report?

A: The hospital will charge each of the Post-Mortem report issued. Application must be made at Medicolegal Unit, Office of Medical Records, Level 4, Specialist Building (new building) Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Please include:

  • Copy of Certificate of Death
  • Copy of applicant IC
  • Copy of witness IC
  • Copy of deceased birth certificates (if the applicant is parent or siblings)
  • Copy of deceased 'Surat Akuan Sumpah Bujang'
  • Copy of Certificate of Marriage (if applicant is wife)
  • Fee

Application will be processed and you will be contacted after the Post-Mortem Report complete.


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